Waterfront and port security means more than a fence around a perimeter. Often, patrol craft are required to maintain waterline-level surveillance, and protect against hostile swimmer incursions. In-port security is also crucial for ocean-going vessels, which may arrive at destinations where local security is questionable. For all of these situations, the need to maintain all-weather, around the clock surveillance of vessels and important infrastructure is crucial. Further, the surveillance systems used in these applications must survive and operate in the harsh conditions of a marine environment.

IEC Infrared Systems designs and builds a wide variety of thermal imaging systems to meet the challenging requirements of marine applications. Trusted and used by a wide variety of ports, marine facilities, and maritime law enforcement, IEC systems provide the rugged reliability and superior thermal imaging capabilities that end-users around the world have come to expect.

Whether your application involves Fixed Site Security, Mobile Security, or Drop-Deployable Surveillance, call us today and let IEC’s team of engineers, designers, and security specialists help you meet your security objectives.