Vehicle surveillance applications entail some of the harshest conditions that an infrared imaging system can operate in. In addition to harsh weather conditions and power deviations and limitations, vehicle shock and vibration conditions will require a thermal or infrared imaging system that is specifically designed to handle the abuse and continue to perform. IEC Infrared Systems used these design constraints as the guidelines for the development of its imaging systems, knowing that a system designed for vehicle applications could also be used for the less demanding fixed and drop-deployable applications. This approach is a marked contrast to many competitors, who started with a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) pan & tilt that was designed for fixed applications and then use it for the more demanding vehicle environment. When your application is vehicle mounted surveillance, see why IEC Infrared Systems is considered the gold standard for ruggedized mobile infrared imaging systems.

Whether your application involves Fixed Site Security, Mobile Security, or Drop-Deployable Surveillance, IEC’s team of engineers, designers, and security specialists help you meet your security objectives.

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