The infrastructure of maritime ports and airport facilities are the backbone of commerce and transportation, and as such are high-value facilities that must be protected with sophisticated imaging and non-imaging sensors. The vast sizes of such facilities often make manned patrols impractical as a primary surveillance method, while lack of lighting over some regions can make night-time surveillance challenging. Further, the harsh conditions of humidity and salt-spray at maritime ports make environmental survivability a crucial consideration.

The solution to all of these problems is the state-of-the-art thermal and visual imagers and systems from IEC Infrared Systems. Whether for short or long range thermal imaging, the high reliability of IEC’s imaging systems provides the perimeter surveillance needed to keep the facility secure. These imaging and surveillance systems can be tied into new or existing networks of non-imaging sensors as well, providing a highly cost-effective solution for wide-area surveillance requirements.

Whether your application involves Fixed Site Security, Mobile Security, or Drop-Deployable Surveillance, call us today and let IEC’s team of engineers, designers, and security specialists help you meet your security objectives.