Convoy and supply routes are crucial to the support of troops in the field, and a natural target for insurgents and terrorists. Surprise attacks on supply columns, particularly at night and in lightly patrolled areas, can lead to lost soldier’s lives and cause havoc with supply and personnel transportation.

All-weather, around-the-clock surveillance is an important key to preventing and disrupting such attacks. The rugged, reliable thermal and visual imaging systems from IEC Infrared Systems are often mounted on armored and unarmored vehicles in such columns, providing the crucial situational awareness capability that enables successful route clearance duties. Utilizing thermal imaging, visual and image intensified imaging, laser range finding and other sensors, IEC’s surveillance systems give security forces the edge they need to protect themselves and complete their mission.

Whether your application involves Fixed Site Security, Mobile Security, or Drop-Deployable Surveillance, call us today and let IEC’s team of engineers, designers, and security specialists help you meet your security objectives.