Along with advanced surveillance systems, IEC has developed an intuitive simple to use middleware, IntrudIR Alert®.  Surveillance hardware is only as good as the command and control middleware.  IntrudIR Alert® brings together camera systems, unattended ground sensors, ground, air and maritime radar systems, fence sensors CBRNE sensors and many more.  All sensors can be managed by a single operator from one work station providing situational awareness and immediate response time.

IntrudIR Alert® architecture allows for ease of integration of new sensors and technology without the need to completely re-write the software.  End users can easily download upgrades and add new peripheral sensor controls without the need to wait for months of code re-writes.  Typical integration of new sensors takes 2-4 weeks.  IntrudIR Alert® also allows for integration into other C2 architectures such as the US Army’s Raptor X, Spyglass, Cursor on Target, etc.  The native protocol is TASS rev H but IntrudIR Alert® can communicate with Pelco D, Bosch and many other published protocols.

A popular feature of IntrudIR Alert® is a panoramic image creation for point and click go-to function.  This allows the user to use a visual reference to position the camera on a area of interest or target without having to search using the live camera itself.  Immediate and precise camera positioning allow the user to find a target and assess quickly without having to spend excessive time searching the area of regard.  IntrudIR Alert® is feature loaded yet takes just a few hours of training for the operator to become 90% or better proficient. 

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