While visual and thermal imaging sensors (along with GPS) are part of IEC’s standard sensor packages, a variety of other optional sensors and subsystems are available to help complete any surveillance mission. These subsystems are engineered and built directly into the system, not simply added as an exterior ‘bolt-on’ to the thermal imaging system.
In addition to these thermal imaging sensor options, IEC often provides custom payload packages to meet mission-specific needs. When you face tough mission requirements, let the engineers at IEC provide the right tools for the mission.


  • Cooled and uncooled thermal cameras from 13mm to 1200mm
  • Visual cameras from 3.5mm to 2000mm
  • Laser range finders in 1.5, 2.5, 6 and 20+km
  • Laser designator to 20+km
  • Geo-location capability using LRF and IntrudIR Alert® Middleware
  • Image Intensified (I2) imager, with optical zoom
  • High-intensity visual spotlights
  • Long Range Acoustical Device
  • Remotely Operated Weapon System
  • Laser Dazzler
  • Other lethal and non-leathal components

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