Dependability and accuracy are the key elements of any imager positioning system. IEC’s positioning systems provide the rugged reliability and positioning accuracy needed for the most demanding military imaging payloads. Our control systems provide both extremely low speed control (vital for accurate positioning of long focal length systems) and high speed capability for rapid positioning; inertial stabilization is also available for any application. All positioning data is available in an on-screen display or through a serial connection. Whether it’s infrared night vision or military infrared equipment you’re looking for, IEC has you covered.


  • Several types of Harmonic Drive positioners available for different payloads & missions
  • Precision pan & tilt positioning to +-0.009o
  • Accuracy to 0.00044o
  • Variable speed pan & tilt positioning systems
  • Low-speed control: less than 0.00022°/sec for fine position control
  • High-speed positioning to 120°/sec or greater
  •  Programmable presets and tours
  •  Positioner aiming direction overlaid on video stream
  • MEMS gyro stabilization (optional)
  • Independently tested per MIL-STD 810-F/G

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