IEC’s Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) payload configuration options offer maximum flexibility to meet a wide range of tactical surveillance missions. All sensors are contained in weather-tight, IP-67 LRU enclosures, while IEC’s newest system designs offer field-replacement capability for sensor payloads. This means that a FLIR system can be reconfigured with new payloads for changing missions, and that maintenance and updates are quick and simple.

  • TOW style V-Clamp mechanism with blind mate keyed connectors requiring no tools or cables for install and removal
  • User selectable visual and thermal imaging channels with multiple video outputs
  • Variety of thermal and visual lens options from 58 degrees HFOV to <0.5 degrees HFOV thermal and <0.14 degrees visual
  • Cooled and Uncooled thermal detectors
  • Auto/manual thermal focus
  • Continuous optical zoom lenses for both cooled and uncooled cameras
  • Visual optical/digital zoom
  • GPS position, vector compass overlay on video stream
  • Environmentally sealed/dry nitrogen purged
  • Independently tested per MIL-STD-810-F/G


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