WASP System


IEC Infrared Systems (IEC) is a multi-disciplinary engineering, design, and manufacturing company that specializes in infrared cameras, thermal imaging systems, non-imaging sensors and supporting subsystems. Formed in 1999 and formally recognized as a NASA Spinoff Company, IEC combines the research capabilities refined at NASA with practical experience gained through years of interaction and development with the U.S. military.

Unlike many competitors, IEC's systems are designed by in-house engineers and scientists from every major discipline, including mechanical, electrical, embedded processing electronics, optics, software design (both embedded and user interface), and infrared spectroscopy. The use of in-house engineering talent allows IEC to retain complete design control and allows for unique customization of infrared cameras or thermal imaging products for individual customers, as well as on-going support of any item sold by IEC. This eliminates the frustration felt by customers of typical integrators and re-sellers, who can no longer support previous designs, after changing vendors.

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