High-value installations often require permanent, around-the-clock surveillance to provide situational awareness for security responders. These thermal imaging surveillance efforts are required in all weather conditions, and often must interface with other on-site security systems.

The demands of fixed-site security require the reliability, accuracy, and precision provided by the visual and thermal imaging system made by IEC Infrared Systems. Our engineers and security systems experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to help design and implement a complete thermal imaging surveillance system comprised of fixed and pan & tilt mounted imagers, non-imaging sensors, and the command & control structure to co-ordinate the entire system. Our systems can also be integrated seamlessly into existing networks controlled by common protocols (such as Pelco or Bosch) or custom communication schemes.

Whether the need is for short range perimeter monitoring, medium range thermal imaging, or long range target assessment, IEC Infrared Systems provides cost-effective solutions for fixed site surveillance requirements of critical infrastructure.

Whether your application involves Fixed Site Security, Mobile Security, or Drop-Deployable Surveillance, IEC’s team of engineers, designers, and security specialists can help you meet your security objectives.

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