Dependable, effective surveillance requires the right sensors and systems for the right application. IEC Infrared Systems understands this and produces a wide range of high-reliability payload configurations and system components to meet virtually any surveillance and imaging requirement. From infrared video camera systems to short-range thermal imagers, IEC can help make your mission a success, each and every time.

From the proven NSTI-Family of thermal imagers to the Wolf, Werewolf, Raptor, Banshee, Lycan C-UAV, Sentry II or TRAP T-360 RWS systems, IEC’s in-house engineering team has developed the state-of-the-art tactical visual and thermal imaging systems that all others are compared against. When combined with IEC’s ground-breaking networking, alarming & tracking, and data transmission systems, a complete solution emerges providing all-weather, around the clock imaging and security systems for any application…all backed by the highest reliability and best technical support in the industry.

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